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While I would like nothing more than to 1) not work 40 hours a week while in grad school and 2) just sit around and write fics and go for walks and daydream and be a generally non-productive member of society in some ways, none of this is possible because I exist in the real world. School is slowly consuming me and it makes me both wistful and incredibly overwhelmed. I VOLUNTARILY signed myself up for this?! And paid a LOT of money?! Yikes. But, I'm discovering, that just because it's hard doesn't mean I can't have at least a little fun.

8-10 page research paper. Proposal due today. Kat's topic: online fandom. In the words of 10, OH YES!

Not only is there an incredible amount of scholarship on this (fans are nothing if not thorough), but I think it's inspired me as far as a final thesis/project idea. My brain's a buzzin' and I'm trying to focus/nail it down but basically I want to do a communications project that brings together fandom and doin' good (aka relevant to my nonprofit day job/career). There's a bunch out there on this already but I'm trying to figure something out. I've got 2 years til it's due anyway, but they encourage you to get an idea of what you want to do ASAP so that you can make everything you do in your classes relevant to it so that you'll be better prepared when the time comes.

Once I play catch up with lots of school this weekend, hopefully I can get back to writing chapter 2 of the fic I've been working on. And also get going on my trope bingo card - yay!

Oh're overwhelming and interesting and tiring and awesome. Allons-y!

PS. Someone please explain to me how to get more friends or whatever you call them on this thing! The random search bar thing where I type in an interest seems overwhelming and ineffective.
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I'm really psyched to try my hand at trope bingo. Hopefully I can get writing at a decent pace despite grad school stuff picking up! Muse, please be kind. Also if you could maybe get on the 2nd chapter of the story that's currently sitting alone and scared in my dropbox, that would be great, too.

Anyway, here's my bingo card! The wheels are turning...

au: crossover snowed in marriage against all odds coming out (of the closet)
au: supernatural trust and vows presumed dead au: royalty / aristocracy / feudal au: fantasy
curtainfic sex pollen FREE

au: fusion mind games
huddle for warmth immortality / reincarnation secret twin / doppelganger indecent proposal au: fairy tale / myth
reunion kidfic au: alternate professions trapped in a dream power dynamics
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Hi! I'm Kat and I don't understand.

As obsessive fandom-y as I am (Doctor Who being my #1), I am only good with the words. That's about it. Making things that are pretty is scary and unknown to me including icons, gifs, and more. SO I'm going to use this journal to post my Doctor Who fics, and I suppose other writing if I'm feeling bold/crazy. I have the same username at AO3 and Teaspoon and an Open Mind, and I'm probably just going to post everything everywhere and uniformly. If I try to get creative and do different things on different sites, I'm gonna get overwhelmed. Also, I'll feel guilty when I inevitably neglect them.

So anyway, my neuroticism aside I will say hello, please enjoy things I write, and please feel free to help me, you know, learn the internet. I'm like Clara Oswald before the spoonheads got a hold of her.

It's nice to meet you! Feel free to (friend? follow? I don't know) keep in touch with me and I hope to meet a kind soul or two! And feedback on my writing is always appreciated!



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