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Birthdate:Apr 14
Location:California, United States of America
Whovian. Writer. Romantic. Unabashedly silly. Owns TARDIS shoes. Fun sized. Will not pass up adventures or chances to save the universe. Would like to be your friend. :-)

I would like to write an array of 10th and 11th Doctor Fics, and love TenToo/Rose fics so I might be a little heavy on those. But, I'd like to be a Pond when I grow up so there's that, AND you never know what the muse is going to do, so there might just be some wildly unexpected fics, too. She's sassy, that muse!

Other fandoms I am part of and can nerdily discuss with you include Friends, The West Wing, Game of Thrones, Alias, and ER.

I used to do creative writing for work and now I do writing of a bit more technical nature. I needed to get back to creative writing without angrily forcing myself to write the great American novel. In other words, I needed to be reminded that writing is fun and something that I love. I like to read stories on this site for fun and de-stressing amidst a life of work and grad school, so I thought I'd give contributing a go. While I've read volumes of fanfic over the years, I'm just now getting into writing it, so feedback as well as prompts and ideas for me to write from are very welcome!

I have a tumblr but I really don't understand tumblr and frankly find this Dreamwidth thing intimidating, too, as I did livejournal many moons ago. But whatevs, I'm old so you kids can have your fun. Come here, have a butterscotch. Stay off my lawn.
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