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While I would like nothing more than to 1) not work 40 hours a week while in grad school and 2) just sit around and write fics and go for walks and daydream and be a generally non-productive member of society in some ways, none of this is possible because I exist in the real world. School is slowly consuming me and it makes me both wistful and incredibly overwhelmed. I VOLUNTARILY signed myself up for this?! And paid a LOT of money?! Yikes. But, I'm discovering, that just because it's hard doesn't mean I can't have at least a little fun.

8-10 page research paper. Proposal due today. Kat's topic: online fandom. In the words of 10, OH YES!

Not only is there an incredible amount of scholarship on this (fans are nothing if not thorough), but I think it's inspired me as far as a final thesis/project idea. My brain's a buzzin' and I'm trying to focus/nail it down but basically I want to do a communications project that brings together fandom and doin' good (aka relevant to my nonprofit day job/career). There's a bunch out there on this already but I'm trying to figure something out. I've got 2 years til it's due anyway, but they encourage you to get an idea of what you want to do ASAP so that you can make everything you do in your classes relevant to it so that you'll be better prepared when the time comes.

Once I play catch up with lots of school this weekend, hopefully I can get back to writing chapter 2 of the fic I've been working on. And also get going on my trope bingo card - yay!

Oh're overwhelming and interesting and tiring and awesome. Allons-y!

PS. Someone please explain to me how to get more friends or whatever you call them on this thing! The random search bar thing where I type in an interest seems overwhelming and ineffective.

Date: 2014-04-05 08:50 pm (UTC)
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Hi there! I really like the idea of you doing some academic work about online fandom! You won't be the first, and that's the really cool thing - online fandom is slowly accumulating a wealth of academic work, just like any field (can you imagine the number of volumes of work that have been done on the pre-Raphaelites?) so every new piece of academic consideration adds to it.

You may already know of this site, but if you don't, it could be interesting for you. Archive of Our Own is more than a fanfic archive. It also has an academic side, and a section on other less academic aspects of fandom called fanworks.

I know it can be a little time-consuming (and sometimes frustrating or bewildering) to start to build up a group of friends and acquaintances on Dreamwidth or Live Journal. You're more than welcome to go to my profile and see some of the people I know. Go over and take a look at their journals, see if you're interested in hanging out. You'll find fanfic, commentary on real life (a few academics, too!) and some really interesting people. Introduce yourself, get involved in conversations, and if you decide you'd like to add them to your circles, you can ask them if they'd mind you adding them as a friend. Most folks are glad to.

Because I started journaling over at Livejournal, and because a lot of folks from LJ haven't yet moved to Dreamwidth (oh, the politicking of LJ and Dreamwidth is wonderful fodder for your online fandom research, too!)I have a much larger circle of friends over there; feel free to drop over there and meet people there. You might want to get a free LJ account, to do that ... but starting over here, I think you'll find there are lots of people who are interested in being friendly!

Another thing you can do is take a look at my profile for links to various communities; you can visit them and see if you'd like to hang out in them. Some of them are very slow, others are a little more active. There's more things I could think of, but my brain's like a sieve today.


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